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After such a long time, here she is - probably my favorite project yet.

She resonates with my heart, and I'm sure she can reach some of yours too :3

- Symmary -

  • つ ◕_◕ ༽つ 15+ Toggles for Adjusting Face and Body, make your own unique look ~ (timecode 1:30)
  • つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Hair - Short/ Long/ Ponytail/ Alternative Front/ 6+ Adjust Toggles ~ (timecode 2:00)
  • つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Hoodie/ Bodyfishnet/ Tanktop/ Croptop/ Bodysuit ~ (timecode 2:40)
  • つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Shorts/ Flowy Skirt/ Boots/ CatHeels/ Sneakers ~
  • つ ◕_◕ ༽つ 25+ Acsessories Toggles (timecode 3:30)
  • 20+ Style Toggles, Not all are showcased, but you can explore in the preview below (timecode 4:25)
  • 👀 Model Supports OSC EyeTracking 👀
  • Audio link for Emissions
  • 14 Face Gestures, Mix them for New Expressions ~
  • 7 Light Points, setted with constraints / 3 lights in total
  • Extra Lite Version (Dancer Event Friendly)
  • Two Green Optimised Versions
  • Mouth Interact and Muru Detection, hearts will show up when another Muru is close
  • In-build GoGoLoco

- Toggles -

  • Face - Eyes Hue, Eyes Swap Texture, Cheek Stripes, Dark Stripes, Eyeshadows, Glitter, Blush, LipsTexture
  • Adjust - Ears, Alternative Ears, Both Ears, CatTail, FoxyTail, Horns, HornsBigger, Rest Face
  • Body - Tan 1, Tan 2, Glowy Tattoos, All Tattoos, Strawberry Tattoo
  • Hair - 3 Front Edits (mixable), Extra Front, Extra Front Longer + adjust toggles Longer/Longer+/Shorter
  • Back Hair - Short, Loose Long, Ponytail, Alternative Loose, Loose + Ponytail, Short + Ponytail
  • Hair Сolor - Brightness/ Hue/ Saturation Wheels + 4 setups. Emission Intensity toggles.
  • Ears Fur - Ears Color Swap to match hair, White Fur/ DarkFur/ MatchHairColor
  • Accs - Piercing 1, Piercing 2, Hat, Glasses, Mask, Rings, Harnss, Cross Piercings, Hip Charm, Gartr, All Metal On/Off
  • Collar - Collar Size, Spikes, Charm, Chain Bigger, Chain On/Off, Collar On/Off
  • Belts - Arm Belt Left, Arm Belt Right, Wrist Belts L/R, Thighs Belts L/R, Leg Belts L/R
  • Top - Hoodie, Bodyfishnet, Tanktop, Croptop, Bodysuit, Bodysuit+Tanktop, Arm Bandge, Sleeves
  • Bottom - Shorts, Skirt, Fishnt, Leg Bandge
  • Shoes - Cat Heels, Boots, Sneakers, Tippy Toes, Flat Feet

- Style Toggles -

  • Style Hue Wheel - Affects all Red Colored parts
  • Skirt Shorter / Croptop Shorter / Ripped Tanktop
  • Metal Silver/Gold/Dark
  • Harness Dark / Rose Tanktop Toggle
  • Hoodie Style/ Bodyfishnet Alt Style/ Bodyfishnet Colored/ Croptop and Bodysuit 3 Styles
  • Bottom - Stockings Texture, Leggings Dark, Shorts/Skirt Dark, Shorts Light
  • Sneakers - 5 styles

VRChat SDK 3.5.1 Unity 2022.3.6f1 poiyomi 8.1.167

- Credits -

Thank you to my friends and all the mius that supported me in any way during the creation of this project

A special shoutout to Sparrow for helping with the legs update!

- Terms of Use -

By purchasing a license to use this model, you agree to the following terms:

  • You are not permitted to split, share, republish, or resell the model, its parts, setup, or settings. You may not claim it as your own. It is for personal private use only.
  • You may gift the model, but only the person listed on the purchase form (including Discord and in-game name) is authorized to access the license for legal use. Any users found using this model without purchasing will be considered in violation of copyright laws.
  • You may NOT use parts of this model or my edits in other projects unless you are making specific edits to the Muru character herself! This content is not intended for reuse, copying, basing, or learning purposes.
  • You may privately use the model on other VR and social platforms, though it's originally designed for VRChat.
  • You can use the model for media, streaming, and video creation. However, if the model is used as an identity and is actively involved with monetized content, credits must be provided.
  • The product is final and non-refundable.


You will find Upload Guideline instructions along avatar

For extra help welcome to join my server!

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