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Hii, it's Larens /

I've been asked frequently for having a way of supporting my work a little more

So there it is 👉👈

I do my best for making models for others and myself to enjoy in vr, I always want to make and share enjoyable models, I'm very picky and I spend a lot of time on polishing details and I can't stop unless im happy and enjoy it myself :3

Making models for me is art and is a way to express as I am quite introverted and I like to make things I do to speak for myself, if my work makes someone happy, then I am happy!

This page is a purely act of support, no extra content offer as for now except Patron role in discord, but you can send me your lovely message and feedback through the subscription, maybe suggestions, and of course the extra motivation ~ I'd love that!

Thank you and have the best day ~ ༼つ◕_◕༽つ ~ ❤️ nyarens

  • Become a supporter miu today :holdingheart:

  • Become a supporter miu today :holdingheart:


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