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~ New Festive/Comfy Outfit Update! ~

It's been a long time since my last release but I am happy to introduce Rin, My longest worked avatar with lots of improvements >^<. I hope you can enjoy this comfy model.

VRChat SDK 3.0 Unity 2019.4.31f1

- Symmary -

  • つ ◕_◕ ༽つ 4 Hair variants! With Adjust Toggles ( showcase timecode 3:25)
  • つ ◕_◕ ༽つ 5 Top Clothing variants! 3 Bottom Varinats + Gloves + Warmers and 2 Shoes variants (showcase timecode 5:05)
  • つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Color Styles - StockingsWarmers 8 Styles, Sneakers 5 Styles, Shirt 4 Styles, Skirt 4 Styles, etcetc (showcase timecode 8:05)
  • つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Fullbody ready, dance friendly and well tested
  • Audio link supported, Emissions will glow up with the music
  • Physics Bones Avatar with realistic physics
  • 11 expressive custom face gestures, mix them together for new expressions
  • Smooth blinking animation that doesn't conflict with face gestures
  • Additional Two Green alternative versions and a Medium version with toggles
  • Extra bonejiggles added to the body for realistic physics
  • Model have 7 LightPoints, optimisily setted with constraints and 3 lights in total
  • Toggleable Quick to use marker on right hand, point> draw, open hand> clear
  • Every script and texture is carefully optimised for best performance and fast load
  • Extra Lite Optimised versions included with keeping most of the toggles
  • Model made with minimal use of shapekays for better optimisation
  • Avatar Scale Feature together with GoGoLoco

- Interaction Features -

  • Model detector bracelet ~ touch bracelets with another owner of this model and they gonna spawn stars ~
  • Eyes Poke > Left and Right Eyes touch detector that doesn't conflict with face gestures and blinking
  • Boop and Self Boop face reaction with Particles
  • Ears and Tail Grab> Angry Face
  • Headpat> Tail Wag and Ears Down
  • Interactions toggle On/Off

- Color and Style Features -

All texture and color changes optimised to work with single material setup, no swaps or extra materials.

  • Face - Right Eye, Left Eye Hue Wheel, Cheek Stripes toggle
  • Body - Tan 1, Tan 2, Glowy Tattoos toggle, Tattoos RGB toggle + Hue Wheel
  • Hair - 8 Hair colors + Hue Wheel + Toggleable Emission
  • Ears - Fur switch to Dark, White or Hair Color
  • Style Hue Wheel - Style Wheel will affect several parts at once (bracelets,collar,tie,skirt,nails etc)
  • Stockings and Warmers Hue Wheel
  • Stockings and Warmers -8 Color Styles
  • Sneakers -5 Color Styles
  • Top - Top Emissions RBG Toggle + Emission Hue Wheel + Shirt 4 Color Styles + ShortTop Dark
  • Bottom - Skirt 4 Styles + Lace Styled Toggle + Shorts Dark Theme Toggle
  • Metal - Silver/ Gold/ Dark
  • Bottoms - Light/ Dark
  • Extra Toggles - Nails Dark / Belts Dark / Collar Dark

Package contain multiple versions of the model, including - Full Versions, Lite Versions, Two Green Ranked and one Medium, also including Sneakers ON by default or Boots ON by default.

With sneakers on default she won't be floating above the ground as with Boots if they toggled off.

Pick your preffered version (both can still switch between boots/sneakers).

Both Green and Medium versions have multiple toggles to them for customisation.

- Toggles + Adjust -

  • Hair - Long Wavy Style / Shortcut Bob Style / Ponytail / Loosy Hair + Pigtails Toggle + Bangs Toggle + Front Adjust Toggle
  • Adjust Toggles - Ears, Tail + Tail Wag toggle, Rest Eyes Face Toggle
  • Belts - Arm Belts, Wrist Belts, 4 Hips Belt Toggles + Chest Belt + All Belts Off
  • Clothing Options - Gloves, Warmers, Sweater, Shirt, Tank Top, Top + Tie
  • Accessories - Cheek Dots, Piercing, Glasses, Bracelets, Ring, Hair Pin, Collar + Leash + Collar Size

- Credits -

- Terms of Use -

By purchasing a license to use this model, you agree to the following terms:

  • You are not permitted to split, share, republish, or resell the model, its parts, setup, or settings. You may not claim it as your own. It is for personal private use only.
  • You may gift the model, but only the person listed on the purchase form (including Discord and in-game name) is authorized to access the license for legal use. Any users found using this model without purchasing will be considered in violation of copyright laws.
  • You may NOT use parts of this model or my edits in other projects unless you are making specific edits to the Rin character herself! This content is not intended for reuse, copying, basing, or learning purposes.
  • You may privately use the model on other VR and social platforms, though it's originally designed for VRChat.
  • You can use the model for media, streaming, and video creation. However, if the model is used as an identity and is actively involved with monetized content, credits must be provided.
  • The product is final and non-refundable.


You will find Upload Guideline instructions along avatar, for extra help welcome to join discord


Thank you

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In Game Stats

Very Poor >
In-Game Download Size
39 MB
Texture Memory
122 MB
Skinned Meshes
Material Slots
PhysBones Collision Check Count
Very Poor Lite >
Download Size
37 MB
Texture Memory
116 MB
Skinned Meshes
Material Slots
Green >
Download Size
17 MB
Texture Memory
46 MB
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320 ratings
I want this!