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~~and there is nothing in this world we can't be~~

VRChat SDK 3.0 Unity 2019.4.31f1

Kain updated to Physics Bones. Added tail wrap gesture.

  • Fullbody ready, dance friendly ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  • Audio link on Tattoos, Steel and Bandana Emission
  • Optimal Colliders + Dynamics setup / Jiggles
  • 11+ custom face gestures (mixable, prevented from bugging) 'see video preview'
  • Additional green optimized version (no top outfit)
  • Dps Supported with 7 OriPoints


  • Entire Dissolve Toggle for hiding
  • Hands Lace Toggle/ Freeze/ Size Adjust
  • Colors Adjust - Tan Skin/ 7 Hair Colors, supported with Hue Shift+ Eyes Hue
  • White Clothes Color Switch + Top and Dress Style Adjust
  • Locomotion On/ Off Toggle
  • Visemes cheek equalizer

Adjust Toggles

  • Fox Ears, Fox Tail
  • Demon Horns, Demon Tail
  • Pointy Ears, Fangs Out
  • ChestSize, HipsSize


  • Bandana, Top, Dress, Stockings, Boots, Garter, Harness ( see full menu image )

Accessories Toggles

  • Armbands, Face Piercing, Skeleton Back, Skeleton Hand, Hip Chain
  • Choker Adjust from Brat to Kitty/ Steel part Off/ Choker Fully Off


  • Lace/ Armbands/ Fox-Tail/ Rings/ Piercings/ Chains/Horns/Choker Larens#5364.
  • Dress/ Top/ Stockings/ Demon-Tail Larens#5364. Allowed to take for personal use.
  • Hair/ Ears Larens#5364. Not allowed for reuse! Will be published later with license on personal and commercial use.

Terms of Use

By purchasing this model you are agreeing to the terms of use.

  • You may NOT re-use my edits and model parts /price split /share / re-publish / re-sell- model, parts, setup or settings. You may not claim as your own. Private Single Person use only!
  • You may gift model, but only person from Purchase Form (discord and ing name.) is allowed to use.
  • You are allowed to use model privately in other VR related platforms, however original package is setted up for VRChat.
  • You are allowed to use model for media, streaming and video creation. If model involve/promote or represent most of present content(being use as identity) that is monetizing, you need to have a credit.
  • May not use my edits for personal use on other projects, unless you are making particular edit on Kain herself.
  • Users using this model without purchasing will be considered as infringement act.
  • Product is final and non-refundable.


You will find upload guideline along avatar.


Thank you!

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project Kain

176 ratings
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